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Bringing people together to give joy


Chip–In Solutions is a company focused on facilitating a part of everyone`s life
– sharing an expense – in an e-commerce environment

We facilitate sharing

The Chip In Platform allows a group of people to share joint expenses in an e-commerce environment.

Our focus is on changing the world of e-commerce and shared expenses by bringing a social component to the online shopping experience.

Our platform helps the social group decide their target products, facilitates raising the money and automates the shipping when the money is fully raised.

Our mission is to simplify

We want to make it easy and natural for people to perform crowd-based e-commerce orders.

We are offering a platform where one can enter, create a common space and choose products from the marketplace.

The users will be able to build a group order, afterwards every user pays for his share and the group has their products delivered.

Remember when …




it was the birthday of someone at the office and the group wanted to chip-in money to buy him a gift ?




you threw a barbecue or a house party,  and you never knew what everyone wanted to eat or drink ?




you moved in a new home and received all sort of things that you didn’t want or need ?




at your baby shower you would have appreciated if people would be more
connected with what a new parent needs to raise a baby?




wanted to purchase a group discounted vacation with friends but had
a hard time coordinating everyone ?




when you order food for lunch at the office and you need to
make a list and raise the money ?

Clean Facts




Market Research

Our market research has revealed considerable insights supporting our initiative, and it has also helped model some parts of our platform to fit our target user’s needs.

See some key insights below.

Have chipped in before

Are chipping in more than once a month

Find it easier to shop with friends

How often do you chip in ?

Behind The Scenes

Iulian is a qualitative market researcher and Co-Thinker @ Chip In.

Iulian Sirbu


Vlad is a senior software engineer and Co-Thinker @ Chip In.

Vlad Paiu


Catalin is a full stack web developer and dedicates full time as CTO @ Chip In.

Catalin Bica

Chief Technology Officer

Florence is the owner of Digital Friday, a constant partner for marketing and all future advertising endeavors.

Florence Luca

Brand Consultant

Octavian is the managing director at Standard Business and helps Chip In legal issues.

Octavian Ciuraru

Legal Advisor

Ionut builds Chip In platform components from the ground up.

Ionut Mihai

Full stack developer

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